"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

Why would I need a coach?

Im already a professional all by myself😤

Let first try to deconstruct the term management, shall we?

Management is
setting the strategy and coordinating the efforts to accomplish objectives through the application of available resources, such as financial, natural, technological, and human resources.


Do you know all of your resources? Do you know all of mine? 😛

I am not interested in managing your wealth or your tinder dates.
I strive to make you the best possible athlete you can be and to create conditions and the environment for you to perform at the highest of your abilities.

Let’s say I have been into competitive gaming for a very long time, started working full-time in esports, assembled an astronomical network of awesome people and want to provide my skills and knowledge to enhance your gameplay and practice.

Having fought in a Ring as an amateur during my time as a Martial Artist or having played against high-caliber opponents in the early ages of the ESL, I kinda know my way around pressure, nervosity and all that comes with competing.

I also encourage and support my athletes in living a healthy lifestyle. There is scientific proof that exercise and nutrition do affect your physical and mental capabilities during gameplay boys and girls 😛

What you can expect?

  • Support: hardware problems & purchases
  • Settings and Setup (FPS & Hardware)
  • VOD reviewing
  • Mechanical / Reflex / Aim training
  • Scrim & tournament coaching
  • Consultation & support for life situations
  • Bring water. Everywhere.
  • Texting your gf/bf that you’re about to be rich 😉

I am not interested in taking 80% and will never stand in your way of leaving for someone else. Seems like a fair deal right?

Let’s just talk to eachother if your interested and see if we can align our goals for the future 🙂

By the way, the beautiful motion pictures on this page stem from the digital artist Mikael Gustafsson. Check out his new game here!

How does my coaching work?

apart from making your rich ofc 😉

  1. We fix a date and time
  2. We talk and listen
  3. We see if we can align goal and vision
  4. Up until this point everything is free of charge 🙂
  5. We draft a strategy
  6. We schedule training sessions
  7. You win

Athletes that trust me

Gleb aka Aries

Babos Gaming Athlete

Junior aka Carpy

Babos Gaming Athlete

Finn aka FinnFn

Babos Gaming Athlete

Noah aka Kreizynoah

Babos Gaming Athlete

Kilian aka XQ

Babos Gaming Athlete

Ryan aka Greenbag

Babos Gaming Member

Martin aka Saber

Babos Gaming Member

Niels aka Crandy

Babos Gaming Assisting Management

Colin aka Reedam

Babos Gaming Member

Fränzu aka xSnipes

Babos Gaming Member

Like what you see? Let’s talk! 🙂

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