"True guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest. It doesn't show everything at once. But it gives enough light for the next step to be safe."

And just so you know: I love to hold torches. Ask the Fusion Arena.

No matter if we are going through a dark forest,
a zombie-infested tunnel or a haunted castle:
I am not letting go of this torch!

Already during my IT studies I decided to pursue the specialization Service Engineering, which deals intensively with customers, requirements and services. After my IT studies, I worked for several years as an IT/Technical Consultant for various Swiss companies.

So you could say that I learned how to deal with and talk to people, even though my training had a very technical character. My skills, combined with my passion for the subject, result in an honest, competent and team-oriented consultant at your side.

By the way, the beautiful motion pictures on this page stem from the digital artist Mikael Gustafsson. Check out his new game here!

I have also had the honour of working with well-known Swiss companies to advise them on their eSport-related projects.

I provide my customers with various solutions quickly and easily and, due to my proximity to the eSport community, I am in a good position to dynamically define the needs and requirements of the ‘eSports and Gamer’ user group from project to project.

Not only do I work full-time in eSports, I am also a active player and competitor myself. This allows me to gain insights that an ordinary consultant or analyst would not have come up with.

You get a healthy mix of insider knowledge, hands-on experience and honest community feedback: Everything you need to push your ideas forward with the right energy!

Wanna know more?

I supported

with pride and pleasure

One of the biggest Swiss Online Retailers with their tournament series

2019 – Present · Consulting & Project Management

Der Schweizer Online-Marktführer digitec ist Spezialist in Sachen IT, Unterhaltungselektronik und Telekommunikation. Galaxus als grösstes Online-Warenhaus der Schweiz führt ein stetig wachsendes Sortiment mit Produkten für fast alle alltäglichen und nicht alltäglichen Bedürfnisse. Stets zu tiefen Preisen und zuverlässig, schnell und kostenfrei geliefert.

Es war eine spannende Abstimmung. Bis zum Schluss lieferten sich «Rainbow Six Siege» und «Counter-Strike: Global Offensive» ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen. Auch «Super Smash Bros. Ultimate» und «Overwatch» hielten sich lange auf dem Podest. «PUBG» und «Fifa 19» mussten sich hingegen überraschend früh geschlagen geben. Am Ende war das Resultat aber klar.
Mit 18 Prozent habt ihr euch für «CS: GO» entschieden!

Juveniles at the Kantonsschule Burggraben which asked a lot of questions

May 2019 · Presentation / Consulting

Begabungsförderung steht im Zentrum unseres Bildungsauftrags. Die Kantonsschule am Burggraben St.Gallen führt ein Untergymnasium und ein Gymnasium mit einem breiten, attraktiven Bildungsangebot. Wir streben Ausgewogenheit von Wissensvermittlung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung an. Wir wollen eine Kultur der Offenheit stärken, die zu anspruchsvollem Lehren und Lernen, zur Zusammenarbeit und zum Mitgestalten der Schule motiviert.

Kantonsschule am Burggraben St Gallen KSBG

My Network

or teammates <:

As mentioned before, I am a heavy Teamplayer and would not have been able to manage all of the above if it wasn’t for my reliable and strong network. All of my partners strive to make swiss eSports grow and professionalize it. Together, we’ll make sure to provide you with a custom-tailored solution packed with good vibes.

I qualify
because I got

a bunch
of papers?
It’s not as
easy as that 😉

Bachelor Degree of the ZHAW Winterthur

Studied from 2011 - 2015

Der Schwerpunkt Service Engineering (SE) befasst sich mit der skalierbaren und zuverlässigen Umsetzung anspruchsvoller IT-basierter Dienstleistungen.

5+ years of work experience in the field

Actually ... I was playing competitive Lemmings when I was 5 years old... that doesn't count? Ah well...

Started off as a commentator, got offered a job to work full-time in Esports and have not stopped since. My present position: Senior Manager Consulting & Creative Solutions.


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