Reto Canova

I am a half Swiss, half French esport enthusiast residing in the beautiful city of Zürich, Switzerland.

You could describe me as usually pretty friendly but perceived by some as indisputably outspoken.

When I was still a baby, my parents moved to Seoul (South Korea) for two years. With Seoul being known as one of the birthplaces of esports, it seems that the city left a mark on me.

As a child, I was fanatically fascinated by video games and dipped into competitive eSport during my teens with Counter-Strike: Source and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) or even earlier; the times when a pokemon battle with a link cable was the only way to add to your pocket money.

The way I see myself: A sore loser who likes to laugh alot, enjoys emotions, thrives under competition and never backs down from a challenge.

I work as a Senior Manager Consulting & Creative Solutions for STARK Esports and provide my knowledge for digital marketing purposes.

I speak English, German, French and kinda Spanish.


The eSport ecosystem is vast and complicated.
Unlike the majority of traditional sports leagues, esports companies wear multiple hats within the industry – simultaneously working as competition organisers, rights holders and content creators. A single organisation can be responsible for financing a tournament through brand partnerships, creating broadcasts around it, and distributing that content (sometimes exclusively) to streaming platforms.

I aspire to use all of my skills to guide you on your journey through the eSport universe of Switzerland. No matter if you’re an established player or a complete newcomer, together we’ll make the entry frag 😉

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successful projects


love for eSports

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